Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CNO Releases Holiday Message to the Fleet

Special from the Chief of Naval Operations

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The chief of naval operations (CNO) released his holiday message to the fleet in NAVADMIN 390/10 Dec. 10.

CNO Adm. Gary Roughead said the following in his message:

"I extend my warmest wishes to all Sailors, Navy civilians and their families for a joyous holiday season.

Thank you for your dedicated service and the great work you continue to do. Because of you, our nation can celebrate this holiday season knowing the world's most powerful Navy is on watch around the world.

For those deployed, you and your families are in our thoughts, and we are grateful for what you are doing.

For those at home, now is the time to celebrate with families, friends and loved ones. We work hard throughout the year, and this holiday season is a time for relaxation, reflection and remembrance of those who have gone before.

Celebrate responsibly and keep safety at the forefront of all your holiday activities. Getting where you are going and returning safely are the best gifts you can give your family, friends and shipmates.

I am honored to serve with you and to witness the undeniable good you deliver across the globe every day. Thank you for your service, and what your families do to support you, and I wish you a wonderful holiday season."

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