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Friday, December 26, 2008

Military Books is pleased to announce the addition of these servicemembers to the website:

Brigadier General George Macon Shuffer, Jr., USA (ret.)
Captain Charles W. Rush, USN (ret.)
Colonel Charles W. Rush, USAF (ret.)
Colonel Ralph Wetterhahn, USAF (ret.)
Commander Roderick Burtram, USN (ret.)
Lt. Colonel Nelson O. Ottenhausen, USAF (ret.)
Lt. Colonel Joseph D. Posz, USA (ret.)
Lt. Colonel Thomas Jackson Slaybaugh, USAF (ret.)
Lt. Colonel Nathaniel “Ted” Colby, USA (ret.)
Major Ralph H. Wandrey, USAF (ret.)
Captain Bernard W. Peterson, USMC (ret.)
Lieutenant Junior Grade James E. Vaughan, USN (ret.)

The Website now lists 671 servicemembers and their 2271 books.

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