Saturday, March 20, 2010

Leadership: Texas Hold ‘em Style

“one that should be read, re-read and intellectually digested.”

A few weeks ago, Charles Ashbacher, a Top 50 Reviewer on posted a review of Leadership Texas Hold ‘em Style. According to, a “Top 50 Reviewer” identifies Ashbacher as having “helped his fellow customers make informed purchase decisions on with his consistently helpful, high-quality reviews.” Charles Ashbacher has reviewed over 4,800 books and received nearly 14,000 votes from readers with an 88% ranking as finding his reviews helpful.

He said, in part, about Leadership: Texas Hold ‘em Style, “This is without question one of the best books on effective leadership ever written and it is profound and entertaining as one of the most unusual yet best possible analogies is used.” And, “Many books on leadership tend to be correct in their content but dull in their delivery. In this case the content is superb and the delivery is even beyond that, the comparisons between poker and quality leadership are apt, educational and make this book one that should be read, re-read and intellectually digested.”