Sunday, December 21, 2008

Military Books is pleased to announce the addition of these servicemembers to the website:

General Anthony Charles Zinni, USMC (ret.)
Colonel William T. Coffey, Sr., USA (ret.)
Colonel John A. Henderson, USAF (ret.)
Colonel D. Michael Wallace, USA (ret.)
Colonel Robert Richard Boyd, USA (ret.)
Colonel Rollin C. Reineck, USAF (ret.)
Colonel Bernard Fisher, USAF (ret.)
Colonel Donald R. Wadell, USAF (ret.)
Captain John T. McIntyre, USN (ret.)
Lt. Colonel Carl A. Group, USAF (ret.)
Lt. Colonel Frank E. Owen, USA (ret.)
Lt. Colonel Dean Hunter, USAF (ret.)
Lt. Colonel Gary E. Brosch, USA (ret.)
Lt. Commander Curt J. Gronner, USN (ret.)
Major Gerald T. Richard, USA (ret.)
Major Donna H. Barthle, USA (ret.)
Major Euell T. White, USA (ret.)
Major William B. Moody, USA (ret.)
First Lieutenant Clay Noia, USMCChief Warrant Officer (4) Theodore R. Cromack, USAF (ret.)

The Website now lists 631 servicemembers and their 2180 books.

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