Sunday, June 30, 2013

War of Nerves

Greg Hardin, USAF, was “ born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in a conservative Christian household, Greg Hardin had a strong sense of his roots and family tradition of service.  His father had close ties to Washington and the Pentagon, and his paternal uncles served in World War II.  Greg joined the Air Force when he was eighteen and, later, was trained as a Nuclear Missile Systems Analyst.  During the Cold War, he was in a race against the Doomsday Clock, never knowing whether the enmity that existed between two superpowers would culminate in a global end-of-time scenario.  Greg's responsibilities were far too much for one of his age, but he had no other choice.  His and others' fate were defined by chance, as he literally held the world in his hands.” Greg Hardin is the author of A War Of Nerves: A Veterans Battle with PTSD and Injustice.

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