Friday, August 22, 2014

Stocking Up-- Bring Along the Magazines You Need

Once you've got your shiny new rifle, complete with a nice new scope and whatever stock fits you best, you may think you're all set for a trip to the range. However, it doesn't take very long until you realize the one, or maybe two, magazines provided with the firearm aren't enough for a full day of shooting and much of that time is spent reloading magazines instead of that quality trigger time.

That is why it's practically a requirement to grab up a few extra magazines before heading out shooting. Whether you're behind the scope trying to perfect your marksmanship or practicing live fire self-defense drills, being prepared with plenty of loaded magazines helps to keep that "zen" moment of shooting going. The distraction of stopping whatever task is at hand to feed more rounds into a magazine can be nearly as damaging to your performance as anything else that could go wrong at the range. Taking the time to invest in even a few extra magazines could be the step needed to keep your concentration going and move yourself up to the next level.

Looking around at the different makes, materials and capacities of magazines is also important to consider. Capacity in particular is very important to think about. Bigger is usually better but you need to be aware of the laws in your state or county that restrict what magazine sizes you can use. As arbitrary as they may seem, you don't want to risk getting into hot water simply because you bought the wrong magazine.

The type of materials used in the construction of the magazine could also be an important detail for you to consider. The US Army had recently been switching back and forth between aluminum and polymer magazines for the M4 rifle. While there are a lot of good arguments on either side about which material makes a better magazine, it really ends up being a personal choice of which one you (and your rifle) like better. Along with the main material used for the magazine, the spring and follower are also important parts to pay attention to. Buying magazines made by dependable manufacturers could be the difference between many years of flawless range trips and a magazine that absolutely refuses to work.

Today, shopping around and comparing prices and brands is made incredibly easy with access to the internet and a few retailer's websites. Looking through GrabAGun Magazines, for example, is a good idea to get exactly the right magazine for you. Keep in mind what needs you have from your firearm and there is certainly the right magazine out there for you.

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