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Friday, May 01, 2015

Developing Team Aviano

by Staff Sgt. Evelyn Chavez
31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

4/30/2015 - AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy -- Team Aviano members here, recently had the opportunity to participate in a culture of excellence seminar geared to develop the attributes that enhance human relationships.

The seminar, led by Col. Jeffrey Smith, Air Force Profession of Arms Center of Excellence director from Joint Base San Antonio in Randolph, Texas discussed the importance of understanding human psychology to grow into better individuals who lead Airmen.

"[I am here] to talk about various characteristics of being better people, leaders, spouses, parents and the tools and techniques to consider when on that journey," said Smith.

The seminar's content, focused on enhancing human capital, and discussed the tools to help bring out in every individual which in turn may bring out the best in others.  According to Smith, this concept is important, especially for individuals in leadership roles, because it helps them understand the reasons why their Airmen work in particular ways.  It also aids in developing environments that increase commitment, loyalty and trust.

"If we can develop these three attributes, we can then have better relationships with our kids, spouses, friends, neighbors and those we work with," said Smith. "But we have to deliberately engineer that; it's something we have to do because it doesn't just happen."

Smith also adds that fostering effective relationships may increase a positive influence.  With these tools and the understanding learned during the seminar, Team Aviano leaders can better support their teams to execute the daily mission.

"My hope is that they learn based on a different way of teaching rather than just knowledge," said Smith. "The course calls for a challenge, the idea is that people are challenged and inspired to try and make a positive difference in the lives of other people."

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