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Thursday, February 04, 2016

ANG's 90th wing activated in California

by Maj. Bryan Williams
195th Wing executive officer

2/4/2016 - BEALE AIR FORCE BASE, Calif.  -- On November 7, 2015, history was made for the California Air National Guard, as the 195th Wing was officially activated.

The activations activation bring the total number of wings in the Air National Guard to 90, and the fifth in California, making it one of only two states in the nation with five ANG Wings.

The activation is the result of eight years of hard work by leaders and past unit members to gain federal recognition as the 195th Wing, formerly the 162nd Combat Communications Group.

"The question has been asked for years, as to if we are going to become a wing...and the answer is YES!" said Maj. Gen. Jon Kelk, California ANG commander, during the activation ceremony.

The 195th Wing's mission is to serve as a hub for all non-flying, non-kinetic global effects operations in the California ANG, and lead the way in cyber, intelligence and space mission areas. It provides expeditionary communications and network warfare services in both a Federal and State capacity. This organization is the only wing in the Air Force that is completely composed of geographically separated units, (GSU) which receive limited support from sister ANG wings. It embraces the Air Force's Total Force Integration initiative as partners with regular and reserve component units on daily operations from space to intelligence missions.

With evolving missions and the downsizing of organizations, past leadership of the group sought new ways to keep its missions and remain relevant to meet current and future Air Force needs.  The 195th Wing is a culmination of that vision.

"The 195th Wing is a one-of-a-kind organization," said Col. Rick Hern, 195th Wing commander. "This wing is a template for how to consolidate other Air Force units and GSUs under a wing structure. Our multiple mission sets make this organization an incredible asset to many emerging missions and requirements the Air Force may have. It is an honor to serve and lead this organization into the future."

The 195th Wing is the first non-kinetic flying wing in the California ANG. It comprises the Wing Headquarters and seven GSUs spread over 500 miles throughout California. The wing headquarters for the 195th Wing is located at Beale AFB with two recently activated groups: the 195th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group (ISRG) at Beale AFB and the 195th Operations Group at Van Nuys ANG Station in Southern California.

The 195 ISRG is comprised of the 222nd Intelligence Support Squadron and the 234th Intelligence Squadron stationed at Beale AFB. They provide intelligence capability and support to the regular Air Force at Distributed Ground Station-2 and the 548th ISRG, both here.

The 195th Operations Group consists of four units located across the state. The 148th Space Operations Squadron and the 216th Space Control Squadron are co-located on Vandenberg AFB and with our regular Air Force partners, operate the MILSTAR satellite constellation and provides space control capabilities at Vandenberg AFB. The 147th Combat Communications Squadron is located in San Diego, and provides combat communications and unclassified satellite imagery from its sophisticated Eagle Vision III system. Finally, the 261st Cyber Operations Squadrons is located in Van Nuys providing network defense.

"The 195th Wing is the right mission at the right time for the Air Force," said Hern. "This organization is nearly complete with its transition from combat communications into missions that are emulating the emergence of technology and intelligence. This is only the beginning for the 195th Wing. As the 162nd Combat Communications Group redefined combat communications in the modern era, the 195th Wing will definitely redefine how we are able to contribute to the overall mission of the Air Force to 'Fly, Fight and Win in Air, Space and Cyberspace!'"

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