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Monday, February 01, 2016

147th Reconnaissance Wing hosts ANG Command Chief

by Tech. Sgt. Shawn McCowan
147 Reconnaissance Wing Public Affairs

1/31/2016 - ELLINGTON FIELD, Texas --  In one of his final visits of his career, the Air National Guard Command Chief spent January 30-31with members of the 147th Reconnaissance Wing at Ellington Field.

Chief Master Sgt. James W. Hotaling made it a priority during his visit to speak with wing's junior enlisted Airmen during an enlisted all call.

Airmen were given the opportunity to interact with Chief Hotaling and ask him any questions they had about the Air Force and the Air National Guard. Hotaling discussed his key focus areas that include the renewing of the commitment to the profession of arms, the health of the force, and recognizing and embracing the accomplishments of Airmen.

During the all call, Airmen candidly presented issues important to them. Hotaling expressed the importance of making sure Airmen are part of any solution they hope to see.

"I see two kinds of people when there is an issue at hand, victims and victors," said Hotaling. "I want you to have a victor mentality when tackling your challenges,"

Chief Hotaling also spoke on renewing he commitment to the profession of arms, focus on performance and training, and education requirements. His presentation of the profession of arms included  mentorship and supervision as well as the deliberate development of Airmen.

Other topics included the health of the force, resiliency, and the four pillars of an Airman's life, which included mental, physical, social, and spiritual aspects. As part of the health of the force, Hotaling discussed the importance of sexual assault prevention and response.

Hotaling also took time to recognize Airmen accomplishments during the all call, telling the audience that recognizing Airmen both informally and formally is important.

Hotaling said he was very impressed with the wing, both as a whole and its individuals.

"I have visited all 90 Air National Guard units, and I can tell you that the 147th is a great wing. Morale is high here, and there is a real sense of camaraderie."

As Hotaling prepares for retirement, he hopes all Airmen focus on their "here and now," doing their best work where they are.

"If each of us do our very best today, while planning for tomorrow, the future will take care of itself. I really believe that."

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