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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

AMC leaders share way ahead for 2016

by Jodi Ames
Air Mobility Command Public Affairs

1/26/2016 - SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill.  -- Air Mobility Command hosted the first all call of the new year Jan. 20, at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.

AMC Commander Gen. Carlton D. Everhart II kicked off the event by thanking mobility Airmen for their efforts to execute and sustain Rapid Global Mobility operations around the world in 2015.

"I will tell you that 2015 was an outstanding year," Everhart said. "But 2016 is going to be even better, because this staff works to get the mission done."

Everhart shared his vision and priorities for the year ahead, which are nested under the national defense and national security strategies. He emphasized readiness, modernization, training and no-fail support to the nuclear deterrence mission.

"I want us to train the same way we fight so we can be at that tip of the spear, ready to go," he said. "Our aperture should remain open to our entire repertoire of core mission sets."

The all call was also an opportunity for the commander to officially introduce Chief Master Sgt. Shelina Frey, AMC's new command chief. Both stressed the importance of developing Airmen.

"There are opportunities for you to walk out of the headquarters building and go to the base and lead," Frey said. "At the strategic level, you have something to offer. To be truly competitive, get out there and share yourself and explore your own leadership."

"Life is about choices, and everybody in this room chose to be a part of something that's larger than we could ever imagine," Frey added. "I wake up to this vastness every day and ask myself what is next. What can I possibly do to be the best chief that I can be for our Airmen?"

Since her arrival in November, Frey has been introducing Mobility Airmen to her Airman Up! philosophy. During the event, she took a moment to share what the phrase means to her.

"It's not about just being proud to be a defender, or a dirt boy, or a maintainer or a personnelist. Airman Up is about being the best defender, dirt boy, maintainer or personnelist you can be," she explained.

"I am proud to be an Airman, so I say 'Airman Up!' Airman Up truly is about airpower. We cannot have airpower without Airmen being up on their game."

Everhart also discussed results from the recent climate assessment and spoke candidly about the critical role feedback plays in identifying areas for improvement.

"I want to thank you for participating in our climate survey," Everhart said. "Open communication and open dialogue is what it is all about."

Col. Eric Halverson, AMC director of staff, briefed attending Airmen about ongoing efforts to update the command's headquarters facilities, as well as long-term projects and milestones for the renovation process.

Speaking of the renovation process, Everhart added, "We plan on keeping the building for another 50 to 60 years, so we have to do internal renovations to make sure the building can last that long and be safe for you. I promised you a safe work environment, and that's what I owe you."

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