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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Schriever to host Wingman University

by Staff Sgt. Debbie Lockhart
50th Space Wing Public Affairs

10/13/2015 - SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo.  -- On Oct. 27, Team 5-0 can expect something a little different from the typical Wingman Day events.

Wingman University will kick-off with a commander's call hosted by Col. DeAnna M. Burt, 50 Space Wing commander, in the fitness center at 9 a.m., but this is one of the only similarities the day will have with past Wingman Days.

"The difference between Wingman University and a regular Wingman Day is the Airmen can pick what classes they go to," said Tech. Sgt. Tawny Devine, 50th Space Wing chaplain's assistant and Wingman University coordinator. "We're giving people the freedom to choose their courses."

Briefings will be held inside and outside the restricted area to encourage Airmen to walk to areas they may not spend much time in, thus creating the feel of a college campus.

"We didn't want to do just another Wingman Day," said Tech. Sgt. Abifarin Scott, 50 SW resiliency training assistant and Wingman Day coordinator. "We thought 'what about a Wingman University?' -- make it an inclusive effort for all the different agencies on base, as well as creating a campus-like atmosphere for the Airmen."

The time needed to walk from one briefing to another serves to break up the monotony of the day.

"We wanted to put a stipulation where you sign up for one class in the RA and one outside the RA," said Scott. "It will give everyone the opportunity to take a break and walk around."

Not only will this event allow Airmen to choose which briefings they attend, but Wingman University will also give the choice of who to attend the briefing with, including spouses.

"Airmen don't have to go [to the briefings] with their squadrons -- they can go with their friends," said Devine.

Each Airman will select three briefings supporting the whole-person concept.

"We have our four pillars - spiritual, social, mental and physical, and we have classes that touch on all four of those," said Scott. "That is what [Wingman University] is here for - supporting the four pillars of Comprehensive Airman Fitness."

The following classes will be offered:
- Accomplishing Goals - Mindfulness
- Alcohol Education - Physical Resilience
- Balance Your Thinking - Sleep Class
- Capitalizing on Strengths - Spiritual Resilience
- Count Your Blessings - Stress Management
- Disaster Preparedness - TSP
- Identity Theft -Acceptance
- Listening

"It's going to be fun and informative," said Scott. "Yes, it is three hours of briefings, but you get to control what you are briefed. We're putting the control in your hands.

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