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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Fairchild pilots "The Family Check-Up" program

by Master Sgt. Matt McCoy
184th Intelligence Wing Public Affairs

10/1/2015 - FAIRCHILD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. -- Team Fairchild, along with nine other Air Force bases, is piloting new parenting programs: the Family Check-Up and Everyday Parenting Programs.

The Air Force is partnering with Arizona and Pittsburgh State Universities to bring these programs to Airmen. It will assist them with evaluating solutions, parenting challenges and will offer them and their spouses an opportunity to learn new parenting techniques.

The FCU is a brief, strengths-based intervention model for children ages 3 through 17. It promotes positive outcomes by improving parenting and family management practices. The FCU works by helping parents improve their parenting practices, such as positive behavior support, monitoring and setting limits and enhancing the quality of all their family relationships. Research shows that the FCU leads to reductions in depression among parents which can ultimately improve the child's wellbeing.

Compared with families who have not participated, children that have participated have fewer behavioral and emotional problems, better emotional regulation, increased school readiness, and a decreased risk of obesity. The impact on participating adolescents shows less drug use, and less anti-social behaviors such as bullying, along with less depression.

Any Airman or family member may contact the family advocacy office and ask for an appointment. Participation in the FCU consists of three sessions, is voluntary and no records are kept.  The three appointments that make up the FCU include the initial interview, an assessment, and the feedback session where parents are given information and intervention strategies related to the concerns and strengths they identified in the initial interview and assessment session.

Once parents have completed the FCU, they can opt to participate in the Everyday Parenting (EP) curriculum, which is a companion program, picking up where the FCU left off.  Through Everyday Parenting, caregivers will receive customized parenting education similar to what they might learn if they were to take a parenting class. The difference, however, is that the EP course material is specifically geared to address their individual dynamics. EP utilizes in-home, solution-focused, and strength based parenting techniques.

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