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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Turkish Air Force Academy cadets visit Spanish Patriot Unit

by Capt. Paulino Vico
Spanish Patriot Unit Public Affairs

8/4/2015 - ADANA, Turkey -- Turkish air force cadets from the General Air Force Academy in Istanbul toured the Spanish Patriot Unit and facilities near Adana Şakirpaşa Airport, July 31, 2015 here.

The cadets were greeted by Lt. Col. Juan Castilla, Spanish Patriot Unit contingent commander, who gave a briefing on the unit's role in operation Active Fence, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Integrated Air and Missile Defense, and the anti-aircraft system's technical characteristics and capabilities.

Following the brief, the cadets ended the tour by visiting the unit's facilities as well as meet the Spanish soldiers who support the mission. In particular, the cadets viewed the battery deployment control zone, where the students learned about the equipment that makes up the battery, the Engage Control Station, the Multifunction-Radar and the Electronic Power Plant.

The tour is part of a week-long active duty immersion tour to Incirlik Air Base for the air force cadets. This year is the first time Turkish air force cadets have ever visited a Spanish military unit in Turkey. Therefore, the visit was more than just a normal tour. It was an opportunity to highlight the alliance Spain has with its Turkish partners as well as a chance for the cadets to learn about foreign military operations which can benefit them in their future military careers.

In approximately a month, the cadets will commission as second lieutenants in the Turkish air force. They will then relocate to Izmir, Turkey, where they will spend the next three years of military training which will include lessons on anti-aircraft systems such as the patriot system. In the meantime, the cadets will conduct their first training flights.

Editor's note: This article was submitted by the Spanish Patriot Unit public affairs office and published by the 39th Air Base Wing in an effort to highlight the mission, partnership, and operations of U.S. and NATO allies in Turkey.

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