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Friday, June 05, 2015

Face of Defense: Soldier Finds a Family in the Army

By Army Capt. Jessica Meyer
2nd Combat Aviation Brigade

CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea, June 5, 2015 – The U.S. Army is about being a team member, leading soldiers to complete the mission and at the end of the day being there for each other.

Soldiers can find a family inside their unit that can help push them and motivate them to become better and provide support and resiliency.

The Toughest Talon is a competition that soldiers in the 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade here participate in each year. It is the ultimate physical and military skills challenge.

The event includes an Army Physical Fitness Test, rope climbing, cross fit, tire flipping, litter carrying, road marching, stress shooting and a nine-line medevac radio transmission. Only a handful of selected soldiers participate in the competition from each battalion.

During his assignment to South Korea, Army Sgt. Timothy K. Han, a command group driver assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, participated in three Toughest Talon competitions and two Best Warrior Competitions sponsored by the 2nd Division.

Why would Han participate in all of these competitions?

Setting an Example

“I want to set an example to other soldiers that you can do competitions even after the daily tasks that we all have to do,” Han explained.

Army Sgt. Ken Chambers, a senior signal support specialist who have been working with Han over the past 7 months said Han “is competent and motivates his fellow soldiers to work harder.”

Han also is the remedial physical training instructor for the Headquarters and Headquarters Company here. Every evening, he wears a tactical vest and instructs PT for the soldiers who need help.

Han said he wears the vest “to understand the difficulty that the overweight soldiers face when they do pushups and other exercises.”

Lost Friend Provides Motivation

Although he has a passion for challenges, Han added that he does find the physical competition to be extremely stressful. Every time he wants to quit, Han said he thinks of his friend, Kevin Tran, which helps him find his motivation.

“I met Kevin when I was in the 7th grade and we hung out all the time until he passed away my junior year in high school,” Han said.

Having grown up without the support and care from his parents, Han said the loss of his best friend crushed his heart.

“When Kevin passed away and my brother joined the Air Force, there was nobody around for me,” Han said.

He said he thought he could get over the sorrow of losing his friend by joining the Army.

‘I Love the Army’

“I have never done any competition before, never won awards, and never had meals three times a day before joining the Army,” Han said. “I love the Army, and I have such a large amount of support from my chain of command.”

During his assignment in South Korea, Han said that he plans to join the Sgt. Audie Murphy Club, a private U.S. Army organization for enlisted noncommissioned officers.

For his long-term plans, Han said he wishes to have a family and become a good dad because he never had that growing up.

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