Wednesday, June 03, 2015

ANG Airman receives Air Force Safety Hall of Fame Award

by Senior Airman Jonathan Wooden
150th Special Operations Wing Public Affairs

6/3/2015 - ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- The Air Force Safety Center awarded Chief Master Sergeant Frederick Glass, Air National Guard's Chief of Occupational Safety and Career Field Manager, the Air Force Safety Hall of Fame Award during the Mishap Prevention Workshop in Albuquerque May 12, 2015. He is the first ever ANG Enlisted member to be inducted into the United States Air Force Safety Hall of Fame.

Glass is the 15th enlisted military member to receive the Hall of Fame award, which recognizes individuals who have made singularly unique contributions to safety in general and the USAF Mishap Prevention Program in particular.

This prestigious award has only been given 77 times since its inception in 1977. The achievements of these individuals have noticeably enhanced the Air Force's mishap prevention program as a sustained superior safety performance, both now and in the future.

Glass is responsible for the management of the mishap prevention programs that support 89 Air National Guard Wings, and the 50 states, territories and the District of Columbia which compose the Air National Guard. For Glass, what makes one a safety professional is a willingness to share one's experience with those who seek his or her help? Being a safety professional can change the way one thinks about solutions for problems that may arise in a unit. This mindset can offer individuals another way of thinking on how one approaches daily tasks. This notion is a type of "thinking outside the box" and becomes a creative way to developing ideas that help units with mishap prevention.

"If we do our job really well, most people will never know what we did," said Glass. "We do not do what we do for recognition by any organization, military or civilian, however being recognized by your peers in your profession across an entire country is an extraordinary moment and a huge honor for all. It's a very humbling experience and on a personal note, validates all the hard work, time and effort we put into our AF/ANG Mishap Prevention Programs across the entire nation."

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