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Friday, May 29, 2015

Brig. Gen. Keith Klemmer speaks about service before self at 188th Prayer Breakfast

by Senior Airman Cody Martin
188th Wing

5/11/2015 - EBBING AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, Ark. -- Airmen from the 188th Wing congregated at the Citizen Airmen Dining Facility during the May unit training assembly for a prayer breakfast hosted by the 188th Chaplain's Office here.

Brig. Gen. Keith Klemmer, Arkansas deputy adjutant general, was the guest speaker at the event and spoke of the importance of serving and putting others before oneself, exemplified by how his kids chose to volunteer overseas.

"It's not about money, it's about being happy with what makes us happy," Klemmer said. "There's a lesson that my kids taught me and what's ironic is that I've drilled it in their heads their whole life, to serve your country and to serve others. That's where happiness is."

Lt. Col. Herb Hodde, 188th Wing chaplain, spoke of how significant it was to have Klemmer speak to the Airmen.

"I think it is phenomenal," Hodde said. "Anytime you have an individual who is high in rank, people will listen to them speak because they have worked hard to achieve that rank."

The chaplains' goal is to support Airmen in their spiritual beliefs, whether they have a religion or not. The prayer breakfast is one way the chaplains help provide that aspect.

"When you look at an Airman, there are four components: spiritual, physical, mental and social," Hodde said. "Regardless of an Airman's religious beliefs, the chaplain staff wants to support that 100 percent."

Hodde also wanted to thank all of the group and squadron commanders at the 188th for their support of the breakfast, as well as the 188th Services Flight for their work at the event.

"We would never have done it without [the 188th Services Flight]," Hodde said. "This exemplifies the 188th as far as a team effort. They are the ones that really put it on and made it very beneficial for us."

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