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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Three AFPC Airmen become U.S. citizens

By Staff Sgt. Steve Grever
Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas – Three Airmen from the Air Force Personnel Center here raised their right hands and pledged to defend and support the U.S. Constitution for the second time in their lives during a special naturalization ceremony July 9 in San Antonio. The first time they made this commitment was when they initially joined the Air Force, but this time it was to become U.S. citizens.

Airmen 1st Class Siarhei Marynin, Jourdan Castaneda and Abraham Flomo, Total Force Service Center sustainment apprentices, were three of six Air Force members to take the oath of allegiance and receive their naturalization certificates. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services office administered the ceremony for six Airmen and two Army soldiers in recognition of their commitment to defending America and the unique journeys each of them took to become American citizens.

Airman Castaneda was born in the Philippines and enlisted in the Air Force in November 2009 and said getting his citizenship will help him reach his goal of becoming a chief master sergeant some day.

“I really want to affect change at the enlisted level,” Airman Castaneda said.

Airman Marynin joined the Air Force in November 2009 from a small country called Belarus, which is nestled between Poland and Russia. He said his father was in the Russian military and he grew up in a military family.

“I joined the Air Force because it gives you an opportunity to have a good career and become an officer,” Airman Marynin said.

After the Airmen received their naturalization certificates, Airman Flomo, a native of Liberia, shared the experiences that lead him to become a U.S. citizen and join the Air Force.

"I come from a country where civil war is the norm,” Airman Flomo said. “Today, I stand here, proud to wear this uniform. We are now all Americans. I thank you.”

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